NEWS 2015

AECOM New Tenants.   May 2015

Harbourside Commercial Park is pleased to welcome the latest addition to the park.  AECOM is one of the top engineering firms in the world with nearly 100,000 employees in a variety of fields – architects, engineers, designers, planners, scientists and management professionals.  AECOM’s Sydney staff have won numerous national awards for their work on environmental cleanups and have used this experience to win contracts for work on other environmental projects across Canada.    We welcome them to their new offices in Harbourside Place!

Pharmacy Wholesale Services Inc.   April 2015

Pharmacy Wholesale Services is the largest privately held wholesale medical diagnostics distributor in North America.  They acquired a new office building in HCP for administrative positions in the former Sysco Administration Building. More information on the company can be found at

Pharmacy Wholesale Services




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sydney boardwalk

Harbourside Commercial Park is located in scenic Cape Breton. A beautiful boardwalk is located on the waterfront where a variety of concerts and festivities are presented.

grandmother on the boardwalk


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