NEWS 2009

April 2009 - Provincial Energy Ventures

Provincial Energy Ventures (PEV) is currently unloading shipments of Indonesian coal at their terminal on the former Sysco dock. Ships are unloading the coal onto the dock where is it being stockpiled to a height of nine to twelve meters. The initial order of coal is for 250,000 tonnes and may increase up to 400,000 tonnes. The coal is being transshipped to a power company in the United States. Strict environmental controls are in place to ensure that the coal does not create any dust problems. A series of mist towers and water cannons are used to control dust from the piles. An automated computer system monitors wind speeds, direction, strength of the sun, humidity, and rainfall in order to determine how often it is necessary to water the coal to ensure it remains damp.

PEV dock unloading coal

March 2009 - Ferry Street Bridge Closure

On Monday March 23 the Ferry Street bridge will close to local traffic. The bridge will remain closed an indefinite amount of time while work is occurring to Muggah's Creek. The bridge is located in a construction area and will be closed to both pedestrian and road traffic. There will be blockades near both entrances of Ferry Street Bridge. Detour signs will be posted to redirect traffic, and caution lights and barriers will be installed to ensure public safety.



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sydney boardwalk

Harbourside Commercial Park is located in scenic Cape Breton. A beautiful boardwalk is located on the waterfront where a variety of concerts and festivities are presented.

grandmother on the boardwalk


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