NEWS 2011

Spring 2011 - Blue Rodeo Concert a Success

The Blue Rodeo Concert at Harbourside Commercial Park was a great success. Thousands attended the concert that was housed at the park. After the event was over numerous concert goers had favorable comments about the venue. Visit Face book Website to see the comments.

concert pics

Summer 2011 - Source Atlantic

Source Atlantic is a premier Canadian supplier of industrial and commercial equipment and supplies. The company opened its doors for business at Harbourside Commercial Park on June 5th. With a wide selection of products, a well trained and courteous staff and a great location, initial indications are that this will be a very busy supplier.  Keep an eye open for the official Grand Opening yet to be scheduled.

source atlantic open sign




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sydney boardwalk

Harbourside Commercial Park is located in scenic Cape Breton. A beautiful boardwalk is located on the waterfront where a variety of concerts and festivities are presented.

grandmother on the boardwalk


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