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Bulk Commodities Shipping Terminal

Harbourside Park is adjacent to the Atlantic Canada Bulk Terminal that is operated by Provincial Energy Ventures. The terminal provides efficient transfer of commodities to consumers in North America and Europe.

Situated on 110 acres with direct waterfront access to Sydney Harbor, the terminal provides year round operation.

The facility can utilize 1,170 feet of wharf face to accommodate the simultaneous loading and/or discharging of two vessels. Atlantic canada Bulk terminal

A multi-use 45-ton gantry crane is available for discharging or loading a variety of products. The maximum draft at the facility is 38 feet and is governed by the limits in the harbour approach channel. wharf


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The Atlantic Canada Bulk Terminal is:

ISPS Certified 1170 feet on continuous wharf space

Wide, spacious dockside to ensure safety and security

45 ton gantry crane and heavy lift services available

Rail service directly to docks

Warehouse facilities available

110 acre available for storage and transfer activities

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